Friday, 28 June 2013

My first injuries since learning parkour

So, as none of you should know: I've been teaching myself parkour since last sunday. Now while the suburban nightmare of an estate I live in is terrible for such a sport, I'm graciously fortunate enough to live next to a park with parkour training facilities, (bypassing the need for travel.)

And so, it is with my great pleasure that I may say that since I have begun learning parkour, I have injured myself twice in the last day.

The first injury I obtained trying to forcefully screw the top off of a carton of semi-skimmed milk - I ripped the skin off of my index finger.

The second I obtained by standing on my self-made pin cushion while practicing my guitar, causing a needle to go straight through my foot.

So it's true what they say kids: Parkour IS dangerous - and I hope that through my own misfortune I've been able to highlight the lesser-known perils of such a daring sport.

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