Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has been released today!

If you don't already know, (and I'll just assume your ignorance,) Guild Wars 2 is the MMO to change all MMOs. To my knowledge, there is no online multiplayer game anywhere near the scope of this one.

Keeping it simple, if you don't already know, (a phrase which I find myself using a lot...) an MMO is a type of online game which takes place in a consistent world in which all players are free to meet each other. However, most MMOs run on a strict formula, aimed at keeping people logged on as much as possible. Typically they include either a subscription fee or a cash shop which makes progress faster or gives an unfair advantage to players who pay for their goods.

Pick me! Pick me!
However, the most jarring and annoying thing about MMOs has to be the quest system. It's like, “Talk to the guy with the exclamation mark, queue wall of text, skip wall of next, press yes, do mundane task at least 100 times, go back to exclamation mark person, quest complete.” Whats even worse is that most MMOs make you grind through hundreds of pointless quests before you can do anything even remotely fun. Why the hell anyone would play games like this when they could be playing Sengoku Rance instead is beyond me. (Actually, several studies have been done into this very topic, the genre as a whole gives a rather intrepid insight into human psychology.)

Guild Wars 2, on the other hand, has no quests.

That's right! No quests whatsoever! In fact, you don't even have to play through the story to advance the game, the only thing which restricts you from moving on is the level cap. That being said, the story is actually rather entertaining, (for an MMO,) and it's nice to see some actual structure to it for once.

Instead of quests, Guild Wars 2 has dynamic events, which occur in sequence and have an effect on the game world, and it has another alternative to quests in the form of “jobs” which appear around the map, whose completion you may contribute to whenever you're in the area, and that contribution saves until next time you are in the same area, meaning there is no obligation to play at a pace you don't want to.

Anyway! Characters! Screenshots!

My Main Character, 'Wedding Dirge,' before and after the beta, followed by my engineer 'Eighty Four,' followed by the barer of my namesake, Xetoil Zethos

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