Friday, 17 August 2012

Alice Sound Album Vol. 22

24 hours ago thousands of teenagers, including myself, were flooding through the gates of their respective schools and colleges, fearing, relishing and anxiously anticipating the onset of their A level results: The grades which would be the deciding factor over whether or not they went to university.

However, I couldn't give half a damn about any of them because The Rance Quest OST finally arrived today!

Actually, not just the Rance Quest OST. For one reason or another, decided to also ship me a photograph, (Yeah, a real photograph) of Rance's daughter Reset, (say it like 'Res-ette' if you want it to sound more like a real name.) And what appears to be a 'promotional bookmark' for some game I've never heard of, (and who the hell else would have heard of a game with a title like “a good librarian like a good shephard” ?! (Yes, Spelt like that.))

Anyway, I ordered the album from for 2100 yen, (roughly £16,) then I had to import it through who charged 1390 yen for shipping (about £11.) Import tax was only £5, so the total cost was roughly £32, which seems fair for a two disk album which is normally unavailable in this country. That is, it was fair until the British parcel force ripped me off into paying another £13.50 as a commissions fee for no apparent reason. I've read stories online about people refusing to pay this fee and getting their parcel anyway, but I guess I'm just lazy. All in all, I phoned them up, and they told me it was a fixed payment, (of £13.50 or £8) and that it is irrespective of tax, so my only advice would be to buy in bulk rather than individual items if you can, (which is precisely what I'm doing for RanceVI-VIII.)

Moar Pictures!

Also, before I forget, here's the advert for the album so you know just what's on it:

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