Friday, 10 February 2012

The Beginning

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After a series of nonsensical and insignificant events I decided to start a blog. And due to my vast array of interests I won't be blogging about one particular thing, but whatever the hell I feel like blogging about. Coincidentally, the date of my first post coincided with the UK release of my currently 3rd favourite video game ever! This doesn't matter much to me, because I've had the game since its release in America, but if you're someone who enjoys games that really make you think, (and chances are if I know you and you're reading this, you don't even play video games,) then Catherine is definitely worth your time. Its a rare spectacle of a game which even after 7 months of having bought I still find myself putting hours into it, which is rare for one who can't even hold down an RPG for very long.

The game itself is split into two parts. Between each gameplay segment you'll be asked your opinion on things relating to the story, and some of these questions really offer food for thought, especially since after you answer, the game will present you statistics on how other people answered the question. The gameplay itself is thrilling; you won't find another game like it and it will test your ability to think your way through situations. I don't intend to go into it here, but if you're interested then youtube is your friend.

I might write a full review on the game sometime in the near future, as I said it depends on how I feel. In the meantime I'm gonna keep updating this space and see how things go, expect things about music, video games, guitar, maybe even a bit of philosophy if I feel the need!

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